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Have a website you can be proud to promote

Website Design

Have you been living with a website you don't love?   Do you wish you had control over it so you could update it?  Did you build it and now need some help getting it finished?   Are you ready to sell online?

We get it!  There are lots of website designers out there and lots of website solutions.  With Southern Minnesota Marketing, we find you where you are and make recommendations.  If you built it - good for you!   We can look at it to see about improvement.  If someone else built it and you don't love it, let's chat.  

We believe that your website should be YOURS.  So, we not only will build a website but help train you so that if you want to add a photo - go for it.  

We also can incorporate all the things you need like:

  • Social Media Integration 

  • Email Integration 

  • Gallery Videos

  • Online Appointments

  • Chat Bots Sign Up Forms

  • Password Protected Pages

and so much more!

Contact us and we'll schedule a discovery call where we just chat about what you are dreaming of and we'll create a free quote.

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